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    isdigit function

    Hi I hope someone can help me with this. I am working on a program that asks the user to select an item from the menu 1-6. I have a while statement that returns to the loop if the user selects any other number. while(userAns<1)||(userAns>6)) I am trying to create an isdigit if statement that will return to the loop if the user selects a char. I have: if(isdigit(c)) I declared my char c, and have the #include<ctype.h> Should the while statement and the if statement be together? The while statement works but the if just loops. Thanks [EMAIL=joejonsmom]function isdigit What am I missing?

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    You could help us help you by posting your attempt so we can have a look at it and see if you are doing things right or wrong.


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    Hi actually I got this to work finally but now my if statement to make the loop work is not.

    printf("Would you like to select another option?\n\n");
    printf("1=Yes and 2=No\n\n",ans);

    else if(ans!=1)
    return 0;

    I know this is something really easy but I appreciate any help I can get. Thanks

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    Out of scope
     printf("1=Yes and 2=No\n\n",ans);  // Why?
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    if loop

    I need a loop which gives the user an option to exit or return to the menu to select another currency.
    What would be a better option Thanks

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    Perhaps this old post may be of interest.
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