Thread: How to a script my program in DOS

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    How to a script my program in DOS

    I know on telnet when i script i do this:

    script *FilenameOfScript*
    cat *FilenameIWantToScript*

    But i don't understand how i do it in DOS...

    Anyone know how to?

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    what are those two telnet lines supposed to do?

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    script records all terminal ouput to a file until ctrl^D or the exit command
    I don't know a DOS equivalent.

    you can use
    type *FilenameIWantToScript*
    as a cat equivalent
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    If I understand what you're saying, the DOS equivalent would be to use "copy con". For example, if you were to type the following at the prompt:

    C:\>copy con test.bat
    echo Hello World
    echo How are you?
    The above creates a file called test.bat in the root that contains the two echo commands. The ^Z is the control-Z character and ends the capture of the text (you don't actually type in ^Z). I think "con" is supposed to mean "console".

    test.bat contents:
    echo Hello World
    echo How are you?
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