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    do while loop

    Im in the stages of creating my 1st few programs and i am stuck on this code,
    i cant figure out how to test what the user types in to keep the loop going or not
    if the user enters y then i want it to loop, and n to end the loop. can anyone help?

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    right or wrong, you should post whatever code you have been able to muster.

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    You can get one character of input using getchar(). Suppose you do:
    int c;
    c = getchar();
    you can then simply do:
    if(c == 'y)
        /* do something */
    else if(c == 'n')
       /* do something else */

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    to improve it a little you can use the toupper function so you won't have to check for caps, i.e.

    while (condition!='N'){
       /*Whatever process*/
       printf("Do you wan to continue? [Y/N]?\n");
       condition=toupper(getchar()); /*Whatever the user enters will forcibly be a cap*/
    Either way the best way uncovering things in programming is: Try it! Mess it up! and try it again...

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