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    Hi, i'am programming a calender. But a problem has come up.
    In my calender i can search for a specific year, from 1900 and forward. And i have to write month and day. And then it says what day that date were. The problem is that i can't go 1900 and backward, when i search for a date (ex. 1899) and write the month and day (in integer). And it says: That day were a Illegal day (When it should say the dayname)
    Leap year must include.
    Someone please help me?

    Have a nice day! //Henrik
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    don't count on anyone doing your homework for you here.

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    Also, do not expect people to help you in a private session. This forum is here partly so others can learn from others' questions. Any help anyone gives you will be done in this forum, and not through MSN or ICQ.

    In fact, chances are that a moderator will be coming along and deleting your personal information from your post.
    If you understand what you're doing, you're not learning anything.

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