Thread: My program is displaying.....actual hearts

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    My program is displaying.....actual hearts

    I'm writing a program which takes a surname, and assigns a phonetic code to the name(SOUNDEX encoding)

    Anyway, for certain names, the program is displaying a little 'heart' character instead of a number. There is nothing in the program directly instructing it to display a 'heart' character.
    What normally causes this?

    I don't want to display the code as it is coursework and I don't want direct help with the code.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Wiretron
    What normally causes this?
    Attempting to print the character representation of an integer value such as 3 rather than the intended '3'.
    #include <stdio.h>
    int main(void)
       int value = 3;
       printf("%%d: %d, %%c : %c\n", value, value);
       value = '3';
       printf("%%d: %d, %%c : %c\n", value, value);
       return 0;
    /* my output
    %d: 3, %c : 
    %d: 51, %c : 3
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    Make sure you are initializing the variable that is holding this "heart" to zero. Like if it was a C-style string, it would be initialized like this:
    char var[256]={0};
    If it's not initialized to zero then it may have that junk in it.
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    You probably just have %c instead of %d (or %i, which is the same thing as %d).

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