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    Unhappy Beginner =(

    Well i'm working my way through about 5 different books on C here, all going well or so i thought.
    It's come to arrays, strings, pointers and so on.. and argh!

    How would one go about writing a function to accept a name entered from a keyboard and removing any double letters in it. For instance The name Lloyd would become Loyd. (I'm writing a program similar to that of SOUNDEX, where names are searched by sounding the same rather than spelt the same and turned into numeric codes.

    Any advice at all would be appreciated hugely. Thanks.

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    Work on the basics of arrays first. Make programs to do:

    1 - Run through each element of an array and display it.
    2 - Run through each element of an array and change it.
    3 - Run through an array and display each element of a specific value.
    4 - Run through an array and change all of one specific value.
    5 - Run through an array and remove all of a specific value, by shifting the elements after it down one, and setting the end to something to denote "not used".

    Get a handle on how arrays work, and this should be an easy task after you're able to do the above. Then if you're stuck, post your attempt.

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