Thread: Convert Integer into an array

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    Convert Integer into an array

    I need help converting an integer into an array. Basically, I have a 5 digit integer, lets say its 78722, and I need to convert it into an array that looks like this: [7] [8] [7] [2] [2]

    In other words, array[0]=7, array[1]=8, array[2]=7, array[3]=2, and array[4]=2

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    What type does the destination array have? Do you need a string? Then look up snprintf()

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    All you need to do is keep dividing the number by 10, your remainder will be the LSD from the integer then store the digits in reverse order.

    Thus if you have a 4 digit number, the remainder you get after your first division must goto array[3].

    That's the maximum help I can give you without you writing your own code, work it out on paper before writing the program and i'm sure it wont be a problem.
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