Thread: Beginners question about arrays/strings

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    Beginners question about arrays/strings

    Lets say I have a string of characters, and I want to cut out the nth character.

    Eg I want to turn 'world' into 'word' or 'wrld'

    How do I do this?

    I have tried saying that if blah[x] == blah[x+1], then do a loop which then proceeds to do blah[x]=blah[x+1] until x==n(when n is the number of letters in the word + 1). Unfortunately, despite trying this with both for and while loops i had no sucess.

    Thanks for any advice

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    Here's one way.
       char a[] = "world";   
       char b[80] = "";
       strncpy(b, a, 3);
       strcat(b, a+4);
       printf("%s\n", b);

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    What about taking a look at memmove()

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