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    Hi I'm Writing A simple program and im almost done but im stumped! I have my program set as follows....The user enters 10 names into a character array using a for loop. The user picks these names from a list where there are 20 choices. (by the way i have the array declared as "char names[10][20];") Now here is the problem. I cant think of an EFFICENT way to get the results i want. I want it so that the program recognizes what name was typed in and, depending on the name that the user entered, have another integer variable changed. That might be confusing so heres an example. (Ex: name[0] = "john" so therefore "money = money+10") How can i do this? There are 20 different options, so i dont want to have like 200 "strcmp" (string compare) functions. Help is SOOO greatly appreciated. Thanks.

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    Is the variable always the same? If so, you could just create an array of a struct which has the name and the amount to increment:
    struct foo {
        char name[20];
        int inc;
    struct foo bar[] = {
        {"john", 10}, 
        {"fred", 20},
        /* ... */
    Then you just iterate through the array, comparing each enter with the entered string.

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