Thread: seg fault in text parser

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    seg fault in text parser

    I have a seg fault in this function and i can't seem to pin it down. Appreciate any help you guys could give.Thanks.
    int AllocateFile(FILE *filename,long num_of_records){
    /*iterates through file contents and adds each character to the appropiate field*/
        int ndx=0;
        int field=0;/*ndx for field ndx
        next for temp counter and field for what field number we in*/
        size_t word_length=0;
        int character;
        int comma_count=0;
        char buffer[BUFSIZ];/*really holding integers should put it to char*/
        RECORD person[num_of_records];/*array of records named person to hold each line in file*/
    /*go through file and puts contents in the array*/
    while ( (character=fgetc(filename)) !=EOF){
              if ( (buffer[ndx] =='\n') )
                 field+=1;/*if its a newline then its a new field*/
              if ( (buffer[ndx] == ',') ){
                comma_count+=1;/*update comma count so know where we are in file*/
                  case 1:
                  buffer[ndx-1]='\0';/*terminate and make buffer a string*/
                  buffer[ndx]= buffer[ndx-word_length];/*buffer ndx goes to zero*/
                  case 2:
                  }//end of break
    } }}
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    Seg fault could be in a couple places.
    First, you never check if you overwrite your buffer.
    Second, the fault could come from when you try to copy the string into person[field].field1. Does this buffer have enough space?
    Third, you need to make sure that num_of_records is correct, and there is actually that many records. If there is more than num_of_records, then your person array will overflow.

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    Fourth, what the hell is wrong with people? Why does no one here ever indent their code cleanly? No one wants to read that .........

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    > RECORD person[num_of_records];
    This isn't even C - no variable length arrays for you.

    > if ( (buffer[ndx] =='\n') )
    I wonder, given the previous use of ++, what this reads as?

    > strcpy(person[field].field1,buffer);
    Now is field1 an array, and if it is, is it big enough?
    Is it a pointer, and if it is did you allocate it?

    > buffer[ndx]= buffer[ndx-word_length];/*buffer ndx goes to zero*/
    Hah - this does nothing because word_length is always 0
    So all you do is perform a useless assignment of a variable to itself.
    Meanwhile, ndx continues it's relentless march through memory, trashing anything when your file is > BUFSIZ in size, and your strcpy continues to copy the first field regardless.

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