Thread: Getting a substring help plz

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    Getting a substring help plz

    My assignment is to get a substring from a string called *src. The substring may be chars, words, items, fields, or records as determined by delims.

    First off, im not sure how to "get" a substring from another string. secondly, i know what a char is, but i dont know how to get words, items, or fields. Third, whats a delim?

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    whats a delim?

    im not sure how to "get" a substring from another string.
    Look at the strstr(), strchr() and strcpy() functions.
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    You can use strstr and strtok but wouldn't the whole point to the assignment be to write your own functions?

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    Im pretty new a c but i guess you would just write a function that would loop through the char array (string) copy a section of the array. Obviously you would have to pass the string(array), starting point and ending point to split from and the size of the array .(or you could just pass one endPoint and copy from the start of the string to that point).

    I actually always had trouble returning a string because its and array. Im sure theres ways round this but usually i pass the array im going to return to aswell and put the value in there in the function.

    ie. instead of
    string = StrSplit(SplitMeString,startingPoint,endingPoint,s ize);
    StrSplit(SplitMeString,startingPoint,endingPoint,s ize,string)
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