Thread: Does'nt excute program always crashes

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    Does'nt excute program always crashes

    I wrote this code to convert a mathematical equation from 1 form to another but when you put in everything it just crashes. I was hoping if some can point out my mistakes to me.

    #include <stdio.h>
    #include <math.h>
    int main()
    	char z,w,G,num,den;
    	float Ts;
    printf("Please enter the samplling rate: ");
    printf("Please enter the numarator in terms of w: ");
    printf("Please enter the denominator in terms of w: ");
    printf("The discrete transfer function in the form of Z is %s \n",G);
    return 0;

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    You are asking for a string here:

    Yet you are trying to put it into a single char variable. That will not work. You should either store your string (which is what scanf is looking for with %s) in an array, or else change your call to scanf to be looking for a single char (%c) If you do go the first way, then you ought to limit the amount of input to you scanf call with a width specifier, so the user does not overflow the array.

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    You already posted almost identical code to another thread, which already contains feedback. The only things you've done different this time is add #include <math.h>, which doesn't make any difference, because you're not using anything from math.h, and you changed the format string from %c to %s, which makes even less sense. If you want to read in the numbers as strings first and convert them, then read them into a char array, not a single character.

    Pay attention to the feedback on the previous thread, and if you have other questions, post them on that thread.

    This thread should probably be locked.

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