Thread: Segmentation fault. passing extra parameters to function

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    Segmentation fault. passing extra parameters to function

    I have a function declared like so:

    PHP Code:
    int funcint file_numint aint lint g ); 

    I decided to change this so it could accept another parameter:

    PHP Code:
    int funcint file_numint aint lint g int o); 
    and call the function like so:

    PHP Code:
    However now, with that extra parameter, i get a segmentation fault.

    There is a strcpy in this function, where i copy file/dir names to an array. That array gets passed to qsort, and then onwards to another function to be printed.

    The array is declared like so:

    PHP Code:
    char Array[file_num][100]; /* probably not the best way, but il leae it for the moment */ 
    when i take the strcpy function out, i dont get a core dump.

    Are there common problems when passing more parameters to functions like im trying to do?

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    Well, not unless you have almost no memory available.

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    What does your function definition look like?

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