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    Unhappy need help

    Hello everyone,

    I am new to C programming. I have a very big program about 9000 lines which in turn depends on lots of other functions and programs.

    I need to make some enhancements to that program and change some functionality.

    Can somebody please guide me,

    what should be my approach?

    How should I start ?

    How do I know what all programs use this program and whereall the changes are to be made?

    I know I am vague but I myself am confused about the whole thing? please help.


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    Try to find some documentation for the source code?

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    I've had to do this type of thing too, the worst was when I got a 20,000 line PL/I program that I had to convert to ANSI C. What I did was wrote down all of the function names and then created a tree of how they were called. That took a long time but it was well worth it in figuring out how the program worked.

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