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    Structures etc

    Hello Board,

    Im quite new to c-programming - not very advanced.

    Im currently delving through someone's elses C-code -I have to convert his C-code into an exact MATLAB equivalent.

    Anyway, Im having trouble understanding some of the C - structures in particular.

    Can anyone tell me, in simle terms whats happening in the following function. Im most interested in how the structures work Is anyone able to give me a run down?:

    void fix_power_level (SIGNAL_INFO *info, char *name, long maxNsamples) 
        long   n = info-> Nsamples; //????
        long   i;
        float *align_filtered = (float *) safe_malloc ((n + DATAPADDING_MSECS  * (Fs / 1000)) * sizeof (float));    
        float  global_scale;
        float  power_above_300Hz;
        for (i = 0; i < n + DATAPADDING_MSECS  * (Fs / 1000); i++) {
            align_filtered [i] = info-> data [i]; // ?????????
    apply_filter (align_filtered, info-> Nsamples, 26, align_filter_dB);
    Thanks for any advice/help.

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    long n = info->Nsamples;
    Take the value of 'Nsamples' in the structure pointed to by 'info', and assign it to 'n', which is a 'long'.

    The arrow operator is used to access structure members when you're accessing the structure through a pointer.

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