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    Question Array question

    Hello there-

    I'm drawing a blank here with this problem: create an array of grades based on user input, add up the scores and return a letter grade. Anyhoo...what I can't seem to figure out is what the best way to create this array. I would like the user to be able to add each score one at a time ("87", "78", "100", "97"...) until the Enter key is pressed.

    Any help is extremely appreciated!!!

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    well, here is simple algorithm
    integer scorearray;
          prompt user to enter score
          get val
          scoresarray <- val
    }while val not equal to '\n';
    find the sum of all the scoresarray
    grade <-- findgrade(send the sum);
    output grade
    u will have to think about the findgrade function

    hope this help you


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    Presumably it's an assignment. Does the assignment mention a maximum number? In which case, create an array of N grades, then have it not allow the user enter more than N values.

    If it truly has to be of arbitrary length, you could use a pointer and realloc, or ask the user how many grades they will enter, then malloc to that amount.

    Finally, you could use a linked list or something, but that's somewhat overkill for this.

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    Thank you both.
    This is what I had in the meantime - I think I'm on the right track.

    	printf	("\nPlease enter assignments scores, one at a time. Press Enter key when done:");
    	scanf	(  "%i", aScore);
    	}	while ('\n'!=getchar());

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    int grades[100]={0}, i=0;
    while(scanf("%d",&grades[i]) == 1 && i++<100);
    could be one solution...

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