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    Cool Newbee

    Hey, thanks for the cool website. I like the Signature Images by the Member names. I read and followed the information in vBCodes, but I wasn't able to add an Image by my name. Can you provide me with the directions to do so? Thanks

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    Sure no problem. You have to go into the user control pannel (User CP) first, then to the edit options. You can load your Avatar in the last option on the page. This is usually just a GIF image, nothing to do with the VB scripts really. That's all there is to that. Just to let you know this is really a topic for the General Discussion board. We "Try" to keep all of our posts under the .... C board ...C question only format...etc etc. Read the FAQ and you will find a lot of information about the community guidelines there. With that said..........Welcome to the Boards!!!!!!!

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