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    ok it seems as though when i run the swap function twice, i can unswap the elements that were swapped.

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    Swap nodes in Linked List

    Danny from Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
    Swapping two nodes given their keys key1 and key2, has two cases.
    Case 1: Swapping Adjacent nodes
    Case 2: Swapping non-adjacent ones

    First find their addresses (Sometimes the swap function is given the addresses (ptrs))
    ptr1 = search_node(key1);
    ptr2 = search_node(key2);
    //then, check whether they are adjacent or not
    if(ptr1->next==ptr2||ptr2->next==ptr1) //Adjacent?
    // Code
    else // Not Adjacent
    // Code
    // Here is a code if they are not adjacent, I know it looks complex, maybe it is, but drawing a pictorial diagram helps a lot
             pptr1=find_previous(key1); // pptr1 is the previous of ptr1 (the node before the first     node to be swapped)
    	 pptr2=find_previous(key2); // pptr2 is previous of ptr1 

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    Then again, there's reading the forum rules about bumping 5 YEAR old threads.
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