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    vicky ved

    Post Float value

    Hi all,
    I am working for a project which has 8051 micro, I will not be able have float lib in the project due to the size but have to do float calc.
    so I plan to write my own function for the same
    like for
    finding 25/6 = 4 1/6
    now I need to represent the floating point in 11bits

    any ideas how to do it.

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    Use 'Fixed Point'. Decide how much precision you need and that tells you where the decimal point will be.

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    vicky ved
    OK Require to represent in 13.11 format and plan to use fixed ponit only. but how do I do it now.

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    If you always want two point percision, store 13.11 as 1311. With 11 bits you can store a number up to 2048 unsigned (which would mean a number up to 20.48). That's about as good as you can get without more bits.

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