Thread: Function returns null value instead of zero

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    Function returns null value instead of zero

    Ok, i have a function that reads the presses of a keypad attached to a microcontroler that outputs an int value assigned to a specific keypress for example, if the user presses "1" it reurns an integer value of 2048.

    I was given this function to use, and i cannot alter it.

    what i am attempting to do is create a function that takes the values of the function described above and makes the return values useable for doing math (ie, you press one, it returns one).

    where i am running into a problem here is when the user presses zero on the keypad, i have it do return(0)...which returns a null value, as far as i can tell (whatever it returns, it is most certainly not an integer value of 0).

    are there any tricks that i should know about to return an integer value of 0 from a function?

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    Can you post the unalterable function's prototype?
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    Zero and the null character are the same thing. NULL is slightly different, but it too evaluates to zero (even though it's only to be used for pointers). In short, the decimal value of 0 is the null character.

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    im sorry, i found the was a stupid beginners mistake.

    sorry to waste peoples time.

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