Thread: incrementing values in a linked list?

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    incrementing values in a linked list?

    how exactly do you increment a value in a linked list node?

    for example, if i had 2.20 in one element and 3.30 in the next how do i add these together?
    double number;
    temp->total += number;
    // when i attempt to print it:
    printf("%.2f", start->total);
    the first element's number is printed, not the total. I'm guessing because each node holds a "total" therefore a new one is being assigned to each one. I have a total value in my structure. How do i combine the total value?

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    you combine them by using a global total variable, or using a head node and setting it's "number" field to the total of all sub nodes.

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    Hi ,

    You can use a simple for loop in which read the value of the each node in to a variable and add the next node value to the earlier read variable and continue upto to node u want to.

    Example format

    for(temp=start;temp->value == <check value>;temp=temp->next)
    printf("Fianl value - %d",x);
    Hope this is helpful to you...

    Incase of any other queries... plz revert.

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