Thread: client/server with semaphores

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    client/server with semaphores


    I'd like to make a client and server communicating with
    semaphores. I'm looking some hints to get started,
    I'm kind of new to server/client stuff. Refences to cool
    programexamples, programmingtips or ideas on how to
    get started are greatfully accepted

    Kind Regards Ylva Wandel

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    semaphores? weird, I've never heard of communicating with a semaphore. Myabe it's a different type of semaphore, but they aren't kernel objects are they?

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    I don't know but this is what I read:

    To implement semaphores correctly the test of a semaphores value and the decrementing of this value must be an atomic operation. For tghis reason semaphores are normally impleneted inside the kernel.


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    > I've never heard of communicating with a semaphore
    It's what sailors use when they wave flags at each other over a distance
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