Thread: Evaluating differ. parts of a single #.

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    Evaluating differ. parts of a single #.

    Suppose i have an 8 digit code. I want to assign first 'x' digits to represent the first code. The 'y' digits after x i want to represent a different code. And so on.

    So for a specified number. I want the first three digits to give value to a variable. The next three to do the same to another variable. And the second last and last to both individually do the same.

    For the first three, i would:

    divide the number by 100,000. This would yield a three digit code with 5 decimals. Then i would convert the double into integer, and end up with a three digit code (called "number1") which i evaluate via if statements.

    For the next three:

    Divide the number by 100. This would create a 6 digit number with 2 decimals. I convert into integer, creating a 6 digit integer (this is "number6". Then subtract number6 - 1000*number1. This would produce a the three digits after the first three. So in 12345678, these numbers would be 456.

    However, im not sure how to do the second last and last! I was thinking of using remainders, but im unsure of how to do that.

    Please, any help or suggestions would be strongly appreciated.

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    use the same math you did before... except use number7 -= ((number1*1000)+number6)*10; think about the last one. Its easy as well.
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    There are two ways to get remainders.

    r = a - ((a / b) * b)

    r = 123 - ((123 / 100) * 100 )
    r = 123 - ( 1 * 100 )
    r = 123 - 100
    r = 23

    The second is to simply use the modulus operator, which does it for you:

    r = a % b;
    r = 123 % 100;

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