Thread: error checking problem with scanf

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    error checking problem with scanf

    I have the following code:

    int main()
        FILE *fp;
        char name[25];
        char buff[BUFSIZ];
        float num;
            perror("File cannot be opened");
        while(fgets(buff,sizeof(buff),fp)!=NULL)  // read a single line from the file till i get EOF
            if(sscanf(buff,"%s %f",name,&num)==2)  // getting the name and the number from the  buffer which was read from the file
            printf("%s %.1f\n",name,num);
            printf("line cannot be printed\n");
        return 0;

    and test.txt:

    Elsewhere 22.65 11.95
    Overthere 55
    Sidknee 147 34

    Since "55" isn't a valid double, i don't want to print any of the records. What's happening now is:

    Sarah 22.65 11.95
    line cannot be printed
    Sandy 147.00 34.00

    Is there anyway when theres a int found to exit and print nothing but an error message?

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    Then read your 'double' into another string variable (like you do with name), then use say strtod() and perhaps strchr() to make sure it meets your rather exact definition of a double.
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