Thread: Urgent help please...

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    Urgent help please...

    I need to ask for my assignment. But i Didn't get any clue to make a solution. The question is
    how to convert int to a sentences for example the user will key in this number 12563.01 and the result will be like this 12 thousand 5 hundred 63 dolar and 1 cents only....or if the input 1253481.60 the output will be like this 1 million 2 hundred and 53 thousand 4 hundred 81 dolar and 60 cents only....please help me guys...

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    A board search for "thousand hundred" turned up this. Perhaps you can find a starting point.
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    I can't give you the code because it's in the rules but I'll give you a few clues:
    Check to see if the number is bigger than 1 million. If it is then do this:

    int number_of_millions = number/1000000;
    number -= 1000000;
    //check for thousands then hundreds then dollar then cents
    do that for all the numbers. If you still don't get it repost and i'll give a few more tips. By the way. When's it due?
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    Re:Urgent Help Please

    I've got it already....thanks......

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