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    Reading Files in C

    I was once a Computer Science major (12 years ago), then switched to Meteorology before forgetting everything I'd learned about programming.

    SO... now I'm working on my master's thesis and have found that I need to write some code. Yay. Basically, I need to open a file (may be variable in size) of weather information and import those data (10 columns across and many, many lines(rows) long) into an array for comparison with another array that needs to be created in a similar manner.

    One issue is that the array will have to be variable in size to accommodate variable datafile sizes.

    Other issue is I have no idea how to open the files and read them.

    How can this be done in C? I could use MATLAB, I suppose, but would rather use C if I can.

    Thank you,


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    You could start with the FAQ on reading files.


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    With the variable length data files you'll probably need to do some reading on dynamic memory allocation as well.
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