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    help me understand...

    i have to create a program,but im not exactly sure what all im supposed to do, and what everything means.

    The formula for computing the simple interest on a loan is calculated as
    interest = principal * rate * days / 365

    The ACME credit company needs a program that calculates the simple interest on customers’
    purchases. Each customer may have one of the following types of credit cards: (P)latinum,
    (G)old, (S)ilver, or regular. Each of the different types of credit cards corresponds to a different
    interest rate.
    • The regular rate is currently 18.75%.
    • The rate for silver customers is 13.24%
    • The rate for gold customers is 8.24%
    • The rate for platinum customers is 3.99%

    i need to compute simple interest. The programshould input the principal, rate, and days from the users. Your program should allow a user to enter the rate as a single letter corresponding to the type of the credit card.

    thats question is what is principle,and how would i even set this up?? how do i find it...or do i already have it? I have no clue where to begin on this project, and not knowing what principle is is'nt helping. could someone enlighten me?

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    Principal and other concepts are explained.

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    Quote Originally Posted by cwr

    Principal and other concepts are explained.
    thx, cant believe i didnt think of that^^...sometimes it's just the simple things i guess haha.

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