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    Imaging prg

    Does anyone know where i can get any tutorial on writing an imaging program. Basically i'm developing a program which will display an image from the hard disk. Does anyone know of any good sources?


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    1. Learn how to program.
    2. Learn a programming language.
    3. Learn the API's provided by your implementation.

    Once you've done that, you then
    - write a specification (basically a list of "what" you want your program to do).
    - write a design (basically, that is "how" you're going to turn your specification into code).
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    1. MS Paint.
    2. Paint Shop Pro 1-11
    3. PhotoShop 1-?

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    Here you will find some descriptions of graphic file formats.

    There is some example code included with the descriptions.

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    yo! thanks shiro! i was looking for something like that....


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