Thread: Any way to easily store input from the user(s) "on the side"?

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    Any way to easily store input from the user(s) "on the side"?

    Okay, I'm having a problem with this fairly large program for my C-programming class. The professor is having us make a "menu" program using a while loop -- the program keeps going and taking in input from the user (how much money they are donating) and keeps a running total of how many users have donated and how much has been donated. The user can stop the program by typing in the correct character to stop it.

    There's also a statistics page of the program, where it calculates averages of certain categories who donated and it's supposed to calculate the standard deviation of each category's entries.

    The problem is, to calculate each category's standard deviation, I need to keep every single entry from every single user and store it in the appropriate variables so I can call the correct values back when calculating the standard deviation for each category.

    I can't think of any even relatively easy way whatsoever to do this without adding hundreds of lines of code just to store these variables. We haven't gone over it in class (at least AFAIK).

    Can someone help me out here? Have I missed something major? Or is my professor just asking too much of us?

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    i would say he wants you to store the users input in either a 2d array, link list, tree, etc.

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    A regular 1 dimensional array would do, if each donor only donates one amount. Look into arrays in a C book.

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