Thread: Gp142--help getting kybrd input

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    Question Gp142--help getting kybrd input

    Ok, the program I'm working on is a small game using the gp142 graphics library. I have the entire program done, and working except for the user input that contols the movment of their character on the screen. I need help getting the program to register a user key press at anypoint while the program is running.

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    You might try some sort of loop that scans the keyboard for values (eg values of the arrow keys) . I think an if loop would work for determining the keypress and resolving it.

    if (keypress=='X') { //execute} where X is the code gernerated by the key

    or if it is windows (winapi) code, you could borrow some of the DirectX functions, i cant remember them of the top of my head as i have not done dx for so long, but there are the DirectInput routines which can also accomadate for mouse, joystick, ffeedback etc..

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