Thread: function similar to strpos() ?

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    Well, since you haven't posted your sort code, no idea, aside from "there's a bug".

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    Quote Originally Posted by cwr
    Well, since you haven't posted your sort code, no idea, aside from "there's a bug".
    That and no one has any idea who you're even talking to. Read this:
    Quote Originally Posted by willc0de4food
    cept sometimes, (i believe this happens in my sort function) like.. if your numbers are 23456 then it replies to you saying your numbers are 23444. sometimes, when the numbers are lower it will print up to 4 and then just print 4's. any ideas why?

    mm...i'm falling asleep typing. night
    Now who is this directed to? What sample input are you providing, what's it even supposed to do? What function are you even refering too?

    You have a fine knack for posting random jumbles of words that make no sense and have no context.

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    yea..sorry about that. i'd been up all night and dont really remember posting that, lol. i'll make a more clear, specific post when i can go through my code without falling asleep, lol.
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            if (!s || !strlen(s))
                    return 0;
        if(!s || !*s)
            return 0;

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