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    I have a question about the pthread_create function.
    A normal use of that function would be something like this.
       int itr =pthread_create(&my_thread,NULL, void *(*start_routine)(void*), void *arg);
    Can I use the function diferently? Do I always have to have a pointer to my function that the thread will execute and what does (void*) after (*start_routine) mean?

    How could I use the function that takes no arguments, it's just a simple void..Let's say I have two void function's that print out 2 different words, how can I now make 2 threads ,each using one of those two functions?

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    what does (void*) after (*start_routine) mean?
    It takes a pointer to a function that takes (void*) as its parameter list. Wait a minute . . . a pointer to a pointer to a function with a void* as a parameter.

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    THere are times when I ask myself: "Why the ........ is C built that way??!!!"
    IM kidding...

    Thanks for the thing in braces is just telling the function what type the parameter is.

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