Thread: Problems with shared libraries

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    Problems with shared libraries

    I am new to Linux C programming. I have created a shared object file (.so file) and i have to deploy it on a remote server. I used some other libraries to build it. Do I have to send the other library files as well with it. I might sound as a dumb question but please reply ASAP. Also send some useful links to learn more about the Linux libraries and linux C programming..

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    I would imagine you have to send the other files with it.

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    If the other library files are standart libraries in most cases you mustn't deploy other files. Actually your question is about static and dynamic linking. See the gcc manual page for more information about deynamic and static linking.

    When you statically link your application, the code in the library is added to your application's code. So, whereever you deploy the applications its function codes are with it. On the other hand, in dynamic linking, when you run your application the required codes for your functions are loaded from the system libraries.

    Hope helps...

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