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    reverse string

    I know this was a long time ago this was posted but I was hoping someone could help. I know how to use strtok but after everything is tokenized how would I print everything in reverse order. If someone could give me a quick explanation on that code that would be great. I am trying to do this for college and I am totally stuck. This would help me on other assignments I have also. Thanks

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    Avoid posting in really old threads (this is 3 years old! I was a little kid 3 years ago!) Just make a new thread.

    	// Our variables
    	char s[] = "hello people of the world";
    	char *parts[50];
    	int i = 0;
    	// Tokenize it
    	parts[i] = strtok(s, " ");
    	while(parts[++i] = strtok(NULL, " "));
    	// Print it out in reverse
    	for(; i >= 0; i--)
    		printf("%s\n", parts[i]);

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    I found this site under desperate moments and just realized that is what the "announcements" had said. I will make sure I abide by that the next time. Wow, this seemed really easy. Why couldn't I figure this out? Thanks for your help and quick response.

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