Thread: Help Please: Screen Location ( gotoxy? etc )

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    Question Help Please: Screen Location ( gotoxy? etc )

    Well, Ive read the FAQ and done searches of this board and it appears that in theory I should be able to jump to a precise location on the screen as follows:



    int i=30,j=50;

    Unfortunately this does not work on Microsoft QuickC 2.51. Is there another way? I appreciate that I can write direct into the video memory but have found that although this produces an .exe file which works on a machine running Windows 98 it does NOT work on a machine running Windows 2000 Professional. I assume that this is because it uses a totally different address for the screen ( actually I'm surprised it works with Win 98 )

    So any ideas? Many thanks.

    PS I have concluded that there are lots of different versions of .h files ... not really surprising, I suppose.

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    gotoxy is not ansi standard.
    use 2 loops 1 for lines 1 for columns
    for(x = 0; x < line; x++)
    for(x = 0; x < col; x++)
        putchar(' ');
    put that in your own function called gotoxy and you have it
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    Thanks C_Coder but I am trying to write an ultra fast routine ( so anything looping is out ) which puts updates into various locations on the screen as things change.

    I need to jump instantly to the right place on the screen and not overright anything on the way or move anything either.

    Another alternative is to find a way to locate the start of screen address and just write into the video addresses ( a lot of the routine will be written in assembly language anyway ) This is a program which runs for several days (currently written in Quick Basic ) doing billions ( literally ) of iterations so even tiny delays are very significant.

    So - is the location of start of screen memory available anywhere as an address I can refer to? As opposed to just assumming it is at B800 as it usually is ..

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    You can use ANSI escape codes, assuming you're programming in DOS/console mode.

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    from the FAQ....
    windows console version
    #include <windows.h>
    void gotoxy(int x, int y)
       COORD coord;
       coord.X = x;
       coord.Y = y;
       SetConsoleCursorPosition(GetStdHandle(STD_OUTPUT_HANDLE), coord);
    If dos then look for ralf browns interrupt list to find out which interrupt call you have to make to achieve the same thing.
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    And the FAQ is here :-

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    Thanks Stoned_Coder. Am using DOS based ( QuickC 2.51 ) system. Have only just looked at your post and have meanwhile solved problem as below:

    gotoxy(int x,int y) //Declare Function gotoxy
    mov dl,x ;x coord
    mov dh,y ;y coord
    mov bh,0 ;page number ( search me ... )
    mov ah,2 ;Interrupt number 2
    int 10h ;Call BIOS

    system("cls"); //Clear Screen
    gotoxy(40,10); //Move cursor
    putchar('X'); //Put "X" on screen

    I find inline asm a lot easier than finding obscure C functions and you are more or less at the coal face...

    As for Ralf Brown's list had not heard of it but I assume this is it:

    and you will see the cursor stuff here:

    As for it being in FAQ you are quite right it is in "various". I had looked but had not spotted it ... obviously it would be under various rather than under cursor - silly me. Here:

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