Thread: weird/advanced question about C

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    weird/advanced question about C

    I'm new to C, am just starting to write my own functions and such. But I have a question. I have a large music library on my computer and its often difficult to sift through it all. I was wondering if it is possible to write a prgram in C in which you could fill in information such as artist name, and album, and it would send all the tracks which match that information to your mp3 player.

    If this is possible, is this a very advanced type of program? Or would I be able to pull it off with a regular C text book by my side.

    Can C even look inside an mp3 into the ID tags which store album information?

    Any advice or comments appreciated.

    Thank you

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    Getting and searching for matching song information is easy, but queing up the song in your MP3 player could prove difficult unless it has a good command line interface or similar. It's not impossible to do either way, but you really need to provide more information so we know if we'll need to resort to OS specific hooks to queue up the playlist.

    You can look up the ID3 spec here, or just use an external library like id3lib for the song information parsing.

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    You can make a m3u playlist out of the results and launch it ...the default player will in its turn play the songs. No reason to make a fuss to figure how to send items to an application.

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    That's the 3rd time you've spammed the same question!
    Start paying attention rather than hoping someone will just dump an answer you like the look of.
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