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    group struct info

    Hello All,

    I have some data into an struct and I would like to group those information. My struct looks like this:

    struct MyStruct data[MAX];
    struct MyStruct {
            char date[20];
            char code[5];
    void PrintStruct() {
            int x;
            for(x=0; x<MAX; x++) {
                    printf("\t\t** data[%d].date: [%s] **\n",x,data[x].date);
                    printf("\t\t** data[%d].cc_code: [%s] **\n",x,data[x].code);
    I would like to count how many records of an certain code I have and group them. For example:


    And so on. Any help ?

    Another thing that I'm trying to do is count how many records my stryct has. I've define MAX to 100000 but I don't want to loop all the 10000 records if I only have 20 records on that moment, for example.

    Any help ?

    Thanks a lot,

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    Keep a count of the total number of elements used, that way you don't need to loop through MAX entries.

    Counting and grouping is going to be a looping and shuffling exercise, I'm afraid. Unless you want to change data structure, and use a list of some sort.
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    Could any one give me an example, even if a simple one.


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    Just do something like this:
    #define MAX 1000000
    while(there_are_more_structs) {
        struct_count ++;
    for(...; count < struct_count; ...) {
        /* classify the struct */

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