Thread: need a bit of help with scanf function

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    need a bit of help with scanf function

    hi, im new to programming in C and im sorta stuck looking for some help

    i wanna write a preogram that would read in numbers as ascii characters. it will read in a number ie 1234, 1, 3456 or 12 etc.
    and be stored in a character arrray.

    the problem now is how do i make scanf terminate by NOT typing anything but just hitting enter

    part of the code i have for that part is:

    printf("please enter a positive number followed by <enter>:\n");
    scanf ("%s", charArray);
    if (charArray[0] == 0)
         //do something...
    i tried using == '\0' , NULL, '\n' and it wont enter the if loop. any pointers ?? thnx a lot!

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    You're better off using fgets() to read a line of input, then using sscanf() to scan the string (if that's what you want to do.

    if ( fgets ( charArray, sizeof charArray, stdin ) != NULL ) {
      if ( charArray[0] == '\n' ) {
        // just pressed enter
      } else {
        int myNum;
        sscanf ( charArray, "%d", &myNum );
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