Thread: Problem with isalpha

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    Problem with isalpha

    I have a doubt about the isalpha function
    The literature says that it accepts a variable of type char.
    But I sent a pointer to a char
    This is what I did
          printf("The string starts with a letter\n");
          printf("The first letter is %c\n",*(argv+(temp_counter));
    It seems to compile and run fine on my comp. I am ussing gcc to compile it. But when I sent it to a friend it did not compile on his comp.
    Any idea why this might be happening.
    Thanks in advance.

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    argv is of type char**. You gotta dereference it twice.

    		if(isalpha(*(*argv + temp_counter)))
    			printf("%c", *(*argv + temp_counter));
    First dereferencing in inner-most parentheses takes argv[0] (path to your program) which is a char*, and then you dereference that again at the position of the temp_counter.
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    opps I am very sorry about that.I made a mistake when copying. This is what I used
    So I have used a pointer to a pointer which points to the first char in the string.
    Using the above an error still occurs.

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    You could stop with the pointer arithmetic and just go with the subscript equivalent to make it more obvious which way you're going.

    // first character of every argument
    if ( isalpha ( argv[temp_counter][0] ) )
    // all characters of argument 0
    if ( isalpha ( argv[0][temp_counter] ) )
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