Thread: using C to sort mp3s

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    using C to sort mp3s

    I'm new to C, am just starting to write my own functions and such. But I have a question. I have a large music library on my computer and its often difficult to sift through it all. I was wondering if it is possible to write a prgram in C in which you could fill in information such as artist name, and album, and it would send all the tracks which match that information to your mp3 player.

    If this is possible, is this a very advanced type of program? Or would I be able to pull it off with a regular C text book by my side.

    Can C even look inside an mp3 into the ID tags which store album information?

    Any advice or comments appreciated.

    Thank you

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    Read this to get a list of files

    Read this to find out how to extract info from MP3 files
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