Thread: Building a string char by char

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    Building a string char by char

    Right, what I want to do is read in a file character file by file, and if the character "meets the criteria" (which aren't important here) I want to append it to a buffer. I've tried ever effing way imaginable (to my feeble C-mind), so I'm left with pretty much nothing, except this useless snippet:

    while (! feof (f)) {
    	ch = (char*) fgetc (f);
    	/* When I try strncat I get an access violation */
    	strncat (line_buffer, ch, 1);
    I'm really not hot on string processing in C, as you can tell
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    a) It' s bad to use feof to control a loop.
    b) The best way to approach you problem would be to make a separate variable to keep track of where in the line_buffer you are, and just increment it every time you add a character.
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