Thread: Number-to-Word Algorithm

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    Question Number-to-Word Algorithm

    Does anybody made a program that will translate a number to it's word equivalent?


    number: 12345
    word: twelve thousand three hundred fourty five
    I can't make an algorithm for it.

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    It appears this question has been discussed before
    You can use the board search to find some examples. Here's a couple

    I'd read the threads for help with an idea, then try to implement your own solution.

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    I wrote my own . . . fancy, but it used a long, so it couldn't do 10,000,000,000.

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    I have a program in Emacs Lisp that does this task. If you can figure out the language (It helps to use the Emacs text editor), you'll see how the algorithm works. Mind, it would return "twelve thousand three hundred forty-five" for 12345, because that's the correct form. And I sort of didn't comment the code at all, either, but it's relatively short. The function 'wordate' is the one that converts the number to text; the rest are helper functions. So the expression (wordate "12345") would return "twelve thousand three hundred forty-five". Hopefully this helps you write the program in your language of choice.

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    Thanks guys. Really a big help... ;-)

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