Thread: need help please urgently

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    Angry need help please urgently

    i want to make a program using pointer&structure about student uni initialization for example:

    Input student name:_
    Input Student's mark:_ --->(at least 5 students and 5 subjects for each student)

    after we input
    Please input your name:
    1.Press 1 to see the result 2 to see the mark 3 to see the average 4 to quit

    Thank you

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    mhm, but sorry - i didn't get your question...

    do you expact us to write the program for you?
    Hope you don't mind my bad english, I'm Austrian!

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    Really we did not get your point.


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    >> do you expact us to write the program for you?
    Well, we won't ;)=), but I can help with an idea on how to start with your homework (?) .
    1. Get user input (first students name, then marks for 5 predefined subjects) and store them in whatever you want.
    Some error checking routines would be nice, e.g. allow no letters entered for marks...

    2. Process in a loop numeric keys 1 to 4 (drop all others).
    For keys 1-3 call the required functions, and quit if 4 pressed.

    If you start from scratch (this isn't really the case, unless you use ASM ;)) this 'project' can be done on one evening.
    First do the design work on paper, and implement when you've got everything planned. Coding is easier, if you know what you want.

    Have fun and be creative!

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    Question malloc

    what is malloc?can i switch malloc into arrays?
    how to getting quit from a program for example: if we pree 3 we want to quit..

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    malloc() is used to allocate memory dynamicly. Use free() to free the memory when you're done with it.

    If you are in the 'main' function, you can simply use 'return 0;' to make main exit. If you're in another function, you can' use exit() to do the trick.

    Hope is the first step on the road to disappointment.

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