Thread: extraction of the C/C++ help

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    extraction of the C/C++ help

    Actually i am developing a project which enables the user to search for his/her required functions .

    This may seem irrelevant as the standard C compiler provides this facility.

    But our system will behave as a complete "search engine" and will try to search for the function in every possible
    manner and will display all the occurences of the function.

    The basic and the only obstacle is that for doing this i need to access the Turbo C help provided by the compiler from outside(i.e without opening Turbo C) .

    Is there any way to do this, and is the full documentation of the C help available anywhere?

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    You could just do a google search for the keywords man and the name of the function. For instance:
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    Tubo C compiler uses standard *.hlp file format. google for it an you will find out how to read it. Its not easy and will require programming experience beyond C 101 course. If you have a solid background in C then you probably will have little trouble.

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