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    system safe state

    Hi guys just a general question what does it mean to initialize your system to a safe state. How could you do that in C and what does it mean by that i think its in terms of loading data files not sure does anyone know?

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    Safe State is to the best of my knowledge is related to Oprating system. A OS is said to be in a safe state if no resources that are demanded by the process locked. By locked we mean that the OS can make available these resources already booked by some other process by satisfying them.
    Suppose we have 2 resources which have 3 units each ( A and B, with 3 units each)
    Process 1 has 2 A's and 1 B.
    Similarly 2 has 1 A'a and 1 B.

    Free = 1 B.

    Now 1 and 2, both, need 2 A's and 3 B's to complete. Then system is safe coz first A can complete and release its resources and then B can complete. This is also called deadlock management. I hope the question was in this context.

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