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    GUI's in C


    I'm trying to build a program with a GUI in C that can be downloaded and ran by anyone with windows. Can anybody tell me where I could find information on how to accomplish this? Must I use OpenGL? Would it be to difficult to accomplish without it?

    Any information provided would be much appreciated!

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    i think you would need a windows library such as microsoft's sdk or something along those lines to make a program with a GUI in pure C. but then again, microsofts sdk is done mostly in for opengl, it is a graphics library and i dont think you need opengl to make a program with a GUI, unless you plan on adding some sort of graphics to your program.

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    microsofts sdk is done mostly in c++
    no, it's not.

    Turbo, go to, they have good tutorials on how to use the Windows API to create GUIs. If you're not using Windows, then you need to post your OS.

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    Winprog has an excellent tutorial over programming GUIs with C. Win32 is the lowest level on which you can interact with the win32 platform really, (well okay, native API calls and device drivers could count as 'the lowest' but we're talking stuff that is widely done and documented like win32.) If you wish to do high level windows programming with a fairly thick layer of abstraction, you should look into the C++ MFC class libraries, as they are chalk full of useful things for doing all kinds of stuff.

    However, if you want to get serious about win32 gui programming (which btw, is nowhere close to the funnest thing to do with win32), you should really get a book, the definitive book over win32 programming is "Programming Windows by Charles Petzold." It's excellent, and shows you everything you need for programming windows gui programs.

    A list of books I recommend for a windows programmer is as follows:

    • Programming Windows by Charles Petzold
    • Programming Windows with MFC by Jeff Prosise
    • Programming Applications for Microsoft Windows by Jeffrey Richter (HIGHLY recommended.)
    • Network Programming for Microsoft Windows
    • Visual C++ Windows Shell Programming by Anthony Jones

    Those are just the books recommended on Winprog, I have my own addendum to this list:
    • Debugging Applications by John Robbins
    • Microsoft Windows Internals, 4th Edition by Mark Russinovich and David Solomon
    • Programming the Microsoft Windows Driver Model by Walter Oney (warning: this book is really technical.)
    • Windows 95 Systems Programming Secrets by Matt Pietrek (this book is out of print, but if you can somehow manage to find a copy of this book by the legend that is Matt Pietrek, read it.)
    • Windows NT/2000 Native API reference (this is a set of system calls you can use in your own applications and drivers (refer to the book by Walter Oney for driver programming). BUT, native API calls are DANGEROUS as they are not only potentially volatile but scarsely documented and are subject to change at any time by microsofts' will, use with caution.)

    To answer your OpenGL question, OpenGL and Win32 are two completely different things, there is absolutely no need for use of OpenGL unless you plan on rendering 3D graphics inside your GUI form.

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