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    Problem with strcmp()....

    #include <stdio.h>
    #include <getopt.h>
    #include <string.h>
    void ProcedeWithProg(int pwdYESNO)
       char * string;
       char prompt[100]="";
       char * hostNamePtr = getenv("HOSTNAME");
       char * pwdPtr = getenv("PWD");
       char * colon = ":";
       char exitstring[] = "exit";
       int bytes_read;
       int nbytes = 100;
          strcpy(prompt, hostNamePtr);
          strcpy(prompt, hostNamePtr);
          strcat(prompt, colon);
          strcat(prompt, pwdPtr);
       /*Problem is here*/
          printf("%s:> ", prompt);
          string = malloc (nbytes + 1);
          bytes_read = getline (&string, &nbytes, stdin);
          if (bytes_read == -1)
             printf("ERROR!\n", prompt);
             printf("You Typed: %s", string);
       } while (strcmp(exitstring, string) != 0);
    The loop never ends because strcmp never spits out a 0. My best guess is that it's doing this because string is a pointer. Is this correct? The thing is I can''t get the getline function to work without string being a pointer. Is there a way I could either: Get strcmp to work with string being a pointer, or get getline to work with string not being a pointer? Thanks

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    It's because the line returned has a newline and that's what always causes the mis-match

    Try strncmp(exitstring, string,4) != 0

    > string = malloc (nbytes + 1);
    You don't free it, this is a memory leak.
    malloc it once outside your do while loop, and free it when the loop exits.
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    All strings are pointers. Your problem is you didn't read the first paragraph of getline()'s man page

    getline() reads an entire line, storing the address of the
    buffer containing the text into *lineptr. The buffer is
    null-terminated and includes the newline character, if a
    newline delimiter was found.
    So when you type "exit" the buffer contains "exit\n". strcmp("exit", "exit\n") will never be 0.

    EDIT: Aww, Salem beat me to it.
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    thanks guys

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