Thread: Portable C/C++ library containing filesystem interface

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    Portable C/C++ library containing filesystem interface

    Hi everybody,

    I would like to know if anybody has some experience with portable libraries for manipulating files, directories and directory trees. I'm interested in operations such as creating, opening, reading, closing directories, applying actions to files in a directory tree or reading attributes of a file. Library should work under both Linux and Windows. Filesystem interface in glibc seems convenient for me, but I was unable to find native port of glibc for Windows. I've also checked documentation for SFL and I'm afriad it lacks tools for manipulating trees. Is there any other library which you would recommend or is there any other way how to implement these operations and keep them portable?

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    devc++ can be foudn compiled for both windows and linux,

    and im not sure if we are on the same page but
    fopen can be used to open / edit / create files
    on any operating system that you can compile C on.

    but maybe that not what your looking for.

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    fopen / fclose / etc for reading and writing files are ANSI-C functions, and are available everywhere.

    opendir / readdir / closedir are directory access functions within POSIX, which most modern OS's support to some extent.

    Another option to consider is using cygwin on the windows side to give you more of the unix feel to your programs.

    > or reading attributes of a file
    This will always be tricky, both have very different ideas on permissions, timestamps, access rights etc.
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    boost::filesystem provides an abstraction for dealing with the filesystem for POSIX and Win32. This is for C++.

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