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    calculate age from date

    Hi guys i have the following code and i am trying to ask for user input and then calculate the users age from the system date. So if the user enters 01/01/1985 and it compares it to the current date it should say that they are 7374 days old. How could i calculate that i am having difficuly i have exstracted the system date already.

    void calage()
     char buff[BUFSIZ];
     char date[12];
     int m,d,y;
     char dateTen;
     char dateUnit;
     char dateTotal;
     struct tm t;
     time_t now;    /* time struct*/
     time(&now);   /* put time into the &now variable*/
     t = *localtime(&now);     /* exstract the system time*/
     strftime(buff, sizeof(buff), "%d//%m//%y", &t); /* format the string*/
     /*printf("m = %d, d = %d, y = %d\n", m, d, y); */
     printf("The current date is %s\n",buff);    /* print the date to the screen*/

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