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    I was learning from the tutorial and noticed something wrong in this line:

    printf( "Your name is %d, letters long", strlen ( name ) );
    If u leave it like that I get When i enter my name as William or any name it says:

    Your name is 8, letters longEnter Your Last Name:
    Shouldnt there be a \n after long? So it goes to a new line?

    If so please get creator of tutorial to fix this to help the further learners of C who use this site to do the right thing.

    P.S Iam learning myself and just noticed this.

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    Yes, that should be "Your name is %d, letters long\n"

    Or maybe correct grammar could be used: "Your name is %d letters long.\n"

    Or maybe a space instead of a newline: "Your name is %d letters long. "

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